What people are saying about the Transition academy

Jeremy working out at the Redmond Athletic Club

A Few Thoughts from Students

  • A few words from Jesse The Transition Academy for me was a place for me to go when I graduated from high school, yet still not quite ready for the rest of my life.
  • Jason gets a job I got the Job and it is my 1st ever paid job.........

A Few Thoughts From Parents

  • Sara Carrigan As Jeremy moved through the early years of his diagnosis I tried very hard to read all of the literature given to me about Williams Syndrome and developmental delays. I convinced myself I would use it only as a guideline for raising him. That I would try very hard to raise my son to be as normal (whatever that means) as possible.
  • Barbara Hammond Have you heard that Emily moved into an Adult Family Home? She is living in one the Community Homes in Redmond - Watson House.
  • Jane Brewer Even though Sean was only there for a year, he has made such incredible progress in his confidence in himself and his independence.... I am truly amazed.
  • Nancy Young The Transition Academy provided not only the support for my son to become independent in the community, there was support for me as a parent.....