Enrolling new students

The Academy is a "choice" program. Interested students apply during the spring before fall admission. Selections are based upon the following criteria and process. There are often a limited number of openings for any coming school year.

Students fall into the following general categories: 18 - 21 years of age, developmentally disabled, needing and committed to a community and employment focused program. It is a "choice program." Students interested in attending during the coming school year apply and are selected from high schools in the Lake Washington School District. Interested students, families, and IEP teams are encouraged to begin this process early in the 2nd semester of the year before they plan to enter. Exact timelines for any given year will be published.

Due to space limitations, there maybe a limited number of openings for any given school year.

Students will be selected based upon the following criteria and process.

Selection Criteria

Student and parent awareness, understanding, and commitment to program mission, values, goals and specifics

Must attend a parent orientation
Interest and need for community based training, including employment experiences
Acceptance of reasonable risks associated with community based training and move toward independence (e.g., pedestrian, public transportation, work and other community activities)
Acceptance of non-traditional schedules that are based upon individual student needs (e.g., no school on Friday)

Understanding and commitment to program expectations of both parents and students

Active participation in program and transition related activities, including attending informational meetings while attending the Academy
Completing linkages / registering with outside agencies (e.g., DDD, DVR, SSI, S2W, employment vendors, others as needed)
Accessing personal networks to assist in job and community development

Completed all Level V graduation requirements

Student has IEP determined graduation standards with modified curriculum and expectations
WAAS Portfolio completed (or equivalent) or waived
Culminating Project completed
Other graduation requirements completed

Finished typical high school experience

Determined by student and his/her IEP team
Participated in desired “senior” activities, e.g., commencement (diploma not issued), senior party, prom, etc.

Recommendation of IEP team which will consider and confirm:

Student and family interest and need for community based training
Family understanding and support (choice) of program, its focus, and expectations
Student meets characteristics listed below

Preferred Student characteristics

18-21 years old: Turn 19 before or during first year in program; priority given to students with 2 to 3 years of remaining eligibility
Developmental disability

Registered with the Division of Developmental Disabilities
Meets disability criteria for SSI (apply on or before 18th birthday)
Likely considered most significantly disabled by DVR
Likely post school outcome of supported employment
Interest and ability to participate in community based activities after systematic instruction, support, and fading of special education staff (as appropriate), including:

    • internships, employment and/or other work related activities
    • recreation, personal management, and other community activities
    • public transportation (including pedestrian safety)
    • management of personal schedule
    • note: moving toward natural supports and away from direct school staff support

Ability of student and staff to manage the following within community based settings:

    • personal care
    • medical issues
    • work and community behavior (e.g., attendance, punctuality, attitude toward learning and work, self control, task completion, direction following, etc.)

Selection Process

The following process will be used when selecting students for the incoming Transition Academy class.

Student and parent attend orientation. The first and possibly most important step in the selection process is developing both parent and student awareness of the program, its focus, and major activities. Students and parents must be interested and want a community based program that may be far different than what they may have experienced. Parents need to fully understand and support this important decision, as well as the expectations that come with it. There are usually one or two orientations offered each spring. If you are unable to attend, please contact Transition Academy staff to make other arrangements.

Parents notify high school IEP provider of interest

IEP teams review students and recommend students

IEP teams forward recommendations of IEP teams to Transition Academy Coordinators

Selection committee meets and determines students for the following school year

Students, parents, and schools will be notified by late spring. Appeals of decisions can be made directly to the special education director

Transition meetings for incoming students held before end of school in June

NOTE: It would be very helpful for Transition Academy Staff to attend IEP and/or re-evaluation meetings that are scheduled during a student's last year in high school.