Friends of the Transition Academy

Providing support to the Academy and its students and families

riends of the Transition Academy (FTA) was formed during the 2011 - 2012 school year and is the Transition Academy's equivalent of a PTSA. The purpose of the FTA is to support the Academy, its staff, and its families. FTA Mission
"Bridge community awareness and provide support to the Lake Washington School District Transition Academy to help ensure its health and sustainability for current and future students."
Goals of FTA
  • Increase awareness and understanding of the Academy, its mission, and its students
  • Promote fundraising opportunities to support the Academy, as well as individual students
    who may need financial assistance
  • Advocate for quality transition programs and services for Academy students
  • Promote relationships between the Academy, employers, businesses, and other
    community members

For more information, please visit Friends of the Transition Academy's website and Facebook page .